About Me

My name is Ashleigh Defreitas and I am a 17 year old A Level student studying A2 Media Studies at Wanstead High School Sixth Form. Aswell as studying Media I also study other subjects such as Health and Social Care and General Studies. I have studied Media Studies for four years at Wanstead High School, as I previously studied it in year 10 & 11, 12 and now year 13.

During year 12 we had to plan and create an opening to a thriller movie. Our task was to work with a group and create our own storyboards and scripts of a new movie in which we would be the creaters and directors of. Each member of our group took on a different roles in the creation of our opening. For example within our group it was my responsibilty to create our storyboard with short analysis next to it, I also played a character in our thriller opening, along with two other members of my group. We also had to create a thriller blog about what myself and my group members done on each day of the fiming process, we also had to include pictures of equiptment and sheets we used throughout.


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